Promoting Your Work at Conventions

Science fiction and fantasy conventions ("cons") are a great place for authors of fantasy and science fiction to promote their work among genre readers. Most cons are "fan" conventions which attendees, including program participants, generally attend primarily to participate in the convention experience. This fan convention culture is unlike higher-profile for-profit media shows where nearly all program participants are there to sell or promote themselves or their work and where attendees are primarily audience members.

Your aim is to increase your visibility and to interest attendees in your work. This article addresses some ways in which you can best make a good impression at fan conventions.

What Is the Fan Convention Culture?

Finding Area Conventions

You can find listings of conventions at:

Making a Good Impression on Fans

Being a Good Program Participant

If you are participating in program items:

Making a Good Impression on Other Industry Professionals

While at larger conventions you can sometimes make some business connections, fan conventions are not business oriented. If you do engage with other genre authors, editors, or agents:

Helpful Resources

Have Fun!

Don't think about the convention as solely a business opportunity. Meeting people who are interested in the same sort of books and subjects that you are can be fun for its own sake!